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Council for Sustainable Development Conference June 20… with a Sustainable Poetry Slam

On Monday the German Council for Sustainable Development, which advises the German government and promotes public dialogue on sustainability issues, will hold its annual conference in Berlin’s Tempodrom. The conference will conclude in the evening with a public event: “dead … Continue reading

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Portrait: co2online – “We Reach the Environmentalists Who Don’t Know They’re Environmentalists”

Deutsch unten! Launching an occasional series of interview “portraits” of various initiatives and individuals, chiefly in Berlin’s sustainability scene. Even the quiet, out-of-the-way intersection in the “Schöneberger Insel” has the feeling of a green enclave, housing a cluster of little … Continue reading

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Welcoming the wind, waiting for the sun

A group of grad students in Environmental Planning and Renewable Energy Systems at Berlin’s Technical University have provided a great English-language resource in Wiki form for anyone interested in how renewable energies are implemented in Germany. The Wiki page documents … Continue reading

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Berlin Anti-Nukes Demo and Reflections on Cognitive Dissonance

On Saturday, March 26, more than 200,000 Germans joined anti-nuclear protests, over 100,000 of them in Berlin. The mood was peaceful and positive – except when the demonstration passed the CDU headquarters – and creative, with many visual variants on … Continue reading

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Germany: A Laboratory for the Turbo-Phase-Out?

Worldwide, Germany’s reaction to the nuclear debacle in Japan has been one of the swiftest and most radical, with Chancellor Angela Merkel calling for a 3-month moratorium on the nuclear power extension that she herself pushed through last year at … Continue reading

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Career of a Crackpot Idea: The Biofuel Debacle in the German Press

Spiegel Online International sums up the ethanol controversy that erupted following Tuesday’s “Gasoline Summit”: On Tuesday, German politicians and industry leaders met in Berlin at a “Gasoline Summit” to discuss what to do about the growing controversy surrounding the fuel, … Continue reading

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“We Are Condemned to a Utopia”

Strange world… In the USA government solutions – universal health care, for instance – are now regarded as utopian (by disillusioned Democrats) or even dystopian (by angry Republicans). Does the Environmental Protection Agency have the right to protect the air? … Continue reading

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