Benjamin Scholz (English)

Benjamin Scholz was born in 1982 in Rhede/Münsterland and studied political science and economics in Heidelberg. From 2006-7 he worked as an aide for the Greens in the Baden-Württemberg Parliament (Stuttgart), and in 2008 he worked on a study of the national gas market as a research associate for “Die Linke” in the German Parliament. Since 2007 he has researched energy at the Environmental Policy Research Centre (FFU) at the Free University Berlin with a specialization in natural gas. He is also active in the Initiative für Nachhaltigkeit e. V. At present he is studying the consolidation of gas markets and the question of whether an international gas market is emerging; current developments in the field of liquid gas and unconventional gas; and the role of gas as a bridge technology for renewable energies.


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